Why would I, why would I sleep, asked myself. You make me smileee You make me weakkkk You make me stronger than ever, that’s why! Why should I, why should I work, asked myself. You make me richerr You make me satisfiedd You make my way to independence, that’s why! Why am I, why am... Continue Reading →

Reaching you…

Heyya, the first time Take care, at the end of endless talks QT, from later on So QT, what do I tell them about you? That I was crazy to find you? Or you were the Docsab came to me? I don't know. Who knows? May be Thakkudu! Nah, I don't wanna know that. Coz... Continue Reading →

Truth or dare? Truth!

Thy hands, thy serving hands They say, it carries the message of god, It must be! Thy face, thy naughty face He says, it can’t turn into a smiling face, I know, he can! Thy hobby, thy gaming hobby  He said, he sucks in it, Indeed, I know, it doesn’t matter, Coz HE IS ALREADY... Continue Reading →

A Tribute to Craziness

Which is the most interesting topic on which you can talk and talk and taaaalk? Hey, don't come up with any intellectual topic. I bet that is not. I would say its your life itself. Lets dive a little bit on it. So why I said life? Because "cRaZiNeSs". After air, I consider craziness as... Continue Reading →


CAUTION: This piece is intended for the ones who can't value anything in the world as much as that one thing (passion in the lunatic dictionary) Bhang- The signature of every spunky traveller's northern visit ….. LSD- The trap door to the world of ecstasy... Ten to fifteen puffs of weed- A dream tablet ...... Continue Reading →


Do you know what is the most untapped resource in the world that any cutting edge technology or political power has never succeeded to reach out? It's the core of human potential! Most of the people live half dead in their whole life without knowing it's immense power to influence their lives. I don't want... Continue Reading →

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